Startup Acceleration Programme

    for venture capitals portfolio companies

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    Achieve rapid time-to-value while cutting down expenses on your Google productivity apps for all the companies in your portfolio. Take part in the Startup Acceleration Programme by Revolgy and gain a competitive advantage on the market thanks to our know-how and experience with Google Workspace and G Suite.

    Special Deal

    All you need to do to get a great price on the productivity apps of your portfolio companies is to move G Suite or Google Workspace spending under Revolgy. It’s a simple process and we will walk you through it.

    G Suite Sunsetting

    Are you still on a G Suite plan? It is important to know that Google will be sunsetting G Suite globally in Q4 2021. We will help you select the best fit for your company from the new Google Workspace plans. Spoiler Alert! There are 9 plans, so plenty to choose from.

    Revolgy Benefits

    • Minimum 8% off from Google Workspace plans
    • Minimum 2% off from Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps bill
    • You can choose from plans which are not available with Google directly
    • Free cloud consultation services for 12 month in the amount of 1MD/Month when moving your billing account under Revolgy. Cloud consultation includes help with your cost optimization, setting up the map of infrastructure and choosing the right services for your company.

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