GCP Cloud Cost Crash Course

    Series B+ funding


    Google and Revolgy have teamed to Optimise your Cloud Costs

    1. Billing Analysis

    Do you understand your current spending, usage patterns, architecture, and resource allocation?
    Google and Revolgy Cloud FinOps experts will work with you to provide insights and actionable feedback on the Architecture and Cost structure of your infrastructure and application reporting recommendations with the aim to help you assess whether it is possible to use different (cheaper and/or more performant) services.

    2. FinOps Sprint

    Do you want to maximise business value on your AWS Environment?
    Our FinOps experts will help your engineering, finance, technology and business teams collaborate on data-driven spending decisions. Google and Revolgy will help instill a culture of FinOps best practices across your organisation over a series of Workshops which will include setting up a tagging strategy and creating actionable reports.

    3. Google Funded Support

    Would continued support to help enhance your cloud support model be helpful?
    Google will provide and fund access to Revolgy’s platform and 40+ certified engineers to improve and enhance your cloud support model. The goal is to provide continuous technical support on best practices, optimisations and help you overcome any bottlenecks on GCP, FinOps or otherwise.

    Is FinOps just about Cost Optimization?

    Although this is important :-). FinOps is all about removing blockers; empowering engineering teams to deliver better features, apps, and migrations faster; and enabling a cross-functional conversation about where to invest and when. Sometimes a business will decide to tighten the belt; sometimes it’ll decide to invest more. But now teams know why they’re making those decisions. “FinOps Foundation”

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    Startups building on GCP & Revolgy

    Revolgy provides you with free support both now and in the future for your GCP workloads. Programme benefits:
    • Technical Support and Guidance on GCP
    • FinOps Billing Analysis and Support
    • 24/7 Advice and Guidance Support
    • Unlimited Free Consultations
    • Monthly Service Reporting
    • Invoiced Billing
    • Access to Revolgy MyServices Portal
    • Access to Partner Fundings
    • Dedicated Customer Engineer
    • Access to your own GCP Console - one point of contact
    • Funded POC's to help experiment with Google Cloud Platform

    The Operation optimisation of eRouška tracking app through GCP

    Following a community call in 2020, Czech technology enthusiasts launched the eRouška tracking...

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    Innovation of Public Infrastructure through Migration to Google Cloud

    When Czech government institutions that operate state infrastructure and national data centre...

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    Getting ready for a different kind of migration

    Kiwi.com - a well known Czech startup, operating groundbreaking search engine for flight tickets...

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    Your success is our mission

    "I was nicely surprised. At first, I was expecting more of a corporate approach. It was surprising how fast everything was implemented. The hosting companies took forever to process our requests. Communication with colleagues from Revolgy was superb and made the whole process smooth and easy."

    Josef Martinec - CTO, Spendee
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