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All you need to know about serverless on Google Cloud.

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Planning to go serverless?

Serverless architecture has become the go-to technology for companies such as Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Airbnb. Download our free whitepaper and learn the pros and cons of the most commonly used Google serverless technologies.


What are the biggest advantages of serverless computing?


In this document, Erik Ferencz - an experienced Cloud Architect from Revolgy provides a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of different kinds of serverless technologies. He focuses on the variety of their benefits as well as their limitations. It will allow you to understand serverless technology better not only from the business but also the development point of view.

Without blowing your budget it allows you to:

  • Hand-off server managemen
  • Scale-up to millions of requests in seconds
  • Expand globally using minimum financial and human resources