Virtual desktops with AWS WorkSpaces

Lack of chips? We have a lot! Our specialized platform based on AWS Workspace and AppStream 2.0 for Creative, Production and Gaming studios will enable your team to work where, when, and how they want.

Virtual, Unlimited and Secured

As an AWS Digital Workplace Competency Partner and AWS Nimble Studio expert, Revolgy helps customers overcome the lack of flexibility, scalability and complex security of conventional on-premises tools like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), application streaming, and mobile access management software.

Simply put - invest in modern technologies, do not buy obsolete hardware. We understand that you need to integrate your current ecosystem and we’ll do it for you together with architecting and building your new digital workspace. Combined with our new unique way of orchestrating AWS stack your remote productivity will improve significantly and thanks to Revolgys’ 24x7 support you will be fully covered for any case.

Deploy a digital workplace on AWS with Revolgy and get:

Virtual desktops

Revolgy platform enables you to provide virtual desktops in minutes so people can work anywhere they need with all your current applications installed and configured. Together with high information governance backed by 27001 certification which will help you to meet today’s very strict compliance obligations and protect yourself against any data loss and security risks.

Virtual high performance graphic workstations

Based on g4dn, g4ad and g5 class of GPU instances, we’ll scale your new workstations as needed. You literally feel the supercomputer under your fingers. And as different roles have different needs for things like color accuracy, input devices, multiple screen or even motion capture suits, we will cover it even by NiceDCV or Teradici protocol.

Entire creative and production pipeline in the cloud

Besides the Virtual Desktops we create the rest of infrastructure needed to cover the entire production pipeline, including the Perforce version control system, build environment and even dedicated QA testing environment accessible by your trusted testers who can join easily. Pre-release of game testing has never been easier and more secure.

Endless collaboration options

Our virtual and open platform will help you make better decisions, improve productivity, and enhance information governance. Your workers can rely on easy and secured access no matter how and from where they want to work.

Building on AWS + Revolgy

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