Secure, efficient, free migrations to AWS

Revolgy and AWS have teamed up to provide the most cost effective way startups will ever find to migrate to AWS. Free migrations with continued financial, technical and business support to help you scale seamlessly.

AWS and Revolgy have partnered to bring you free migrations from anywhere to AWS. The program is designed to help companies experience the benefits of AWS as quickly and easily as possible. Revolgy’s experts will provide hands-on technical support to help analyse your business, understand your technical requirements and work with you towards modernising your workloads migrating from anywhere to AWS for free.

Initial Migration KickOff

Introduction to the Migration team and approach. We initiate the migration process, verify your requirements and refine any specific configuration details required.

Managed Migration

We will do the heavy lifting of the migration, together with tracking the project and fully transparent progress reporting. We will provide you the code repository with the created Terraform code and a document  encompassing the whole migration procedure and disaster recovery.

Hands-on Technical Support

You’ll get an AWS account fully configured and tested with the migrated resources and a post deployment handover with your team for access and orientation.Continuous management is a matter of course

AWS products to make the migration easy

AWS divides the migration into 3 main phases. Assess, Mobilize and Migrate & Modernize. Together we will guide you through all the necessary steps. Plus, we'll help you make the most effective use of the products that AWS provides to its customers for a successful migration.

For the Assess & Mobilize phase, AWS offers the Migration Evaluator, AWS Migration Hub and AWS Application Discovery Services. All of these products are used to prepare for migration, which we are happy to help you understand and leverage to achieve a successful migration.

In the Migration phase itself, AWS primarily provides with AWS Application, Server and Database Migration Service. Plus, based on the environment you are migrating from, they are then able to provide you with the product you require.

Our partnership to your benefits


Lacework is a modern, SaaS-based security and compliance platform. Thanks to our partnership we are able to provide our customers with their services and automate the delivery of cloud security so businesses can innovate rapidly, but do so safely. Listen to our joint podcast.

Cloud cost optimization insights, implemented automatically. That's, our partner to help you understand and optimize your cloud spend.

Companies building on AWS & Revolgy

Revolgy will become an extension of your engineering team, helping you migrate securely for free and fill any skill gaps specific for your new fully optimised AWS environments.

Taking the step forward and migrating to AWS

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Migration complete?

The Support doesn’t stop there!

Revolgy provides you free support both now and in the future for your AWS workloads. Support includes:
  • Hands on Technical Support for your AWS workloads
  • 24/7 Advice and Guidance Support
  • Ongoing AWS Projects overviews, insights and recommendations
  • Dedicated AWS Customer Engineer
  • Access to Revolgy MyServices Portal
  • Invoiced Billing
  • Access to Partner Fundings not publicly available 
  • Free AWS Consultations

25 years

Helping companies maximize their use of IT services

2,000+ customers

Demonstrating the potential of cloud technologies

47 countries

Serving customers around the globe

40 AWS certifications

Ensuring our capability to manage any AWS projects

Your success is our mission

"Choosing the right way was a challenge and the implementation was successful mostly thanks to the Revolgy team’s expertise with AWS platform."

Jan Sameš - CTO, Innogy
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