Cloud Sprint

Reach your cloud goals incredibly fast

Cloud project doesn't have to be a marathon.

Sprint straight to your goals. 


Benefit from the experience and know-how of certified Cloud Architect who already helped thousands of companies move to the cloud. With hands-on try-out of new technology under the guidance of our experts you gain maximum added value at minimal cost.




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Gain quick, tangible wins within 3 days


Day 1

Learning the basic principles of Cloud services with our cloud specialists. Analysing main business challenges your company is currently facing together and choosing candidates for Cloud Sprint.

Day 2

Brainstorming and creating problem solution prototype together to check the feasibility of ideas. All under the guidance of our experienced Cloud Architects and Change Management Specialists. 

Day 3

Creating the roadmap of the problem solution from the prototype to full product; creating a positive business case; creating one-pager of the business summary to show the results to stakeholders.

Ready... steady... Go! 

or how we do it: 


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We will start with initial consultation. 1 - 2 hours video call where we will discuss and identify the KPI's for the Workshop and align expectations with technology's capabilities. We will then identify members of the staff who will participate in the project and establish the common high-level goals. We will also introduce and explain our best practices.



We will spend 3 days of practical, interactive sessions at the premises of your business.  Together we will face your technical, security and infrastructure challenges focusing on the project of your choice. We will disect it to the tiniest detail, create  a solution prototype, roadmap and define the art of the possible with the Cloud. 


Reach the goal

After just 3 days of working with us you gain: an individualised insight into the trends of cloud computing; functional problem solution prototype based on your needs and a “helicopter view” of the current state of your IT department. You have a ready to use manual for your individual cloud adoption and an enhanced & scalable market reach. 


Would you like to know more about how we can help you?

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