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Revolgy Marketplace


What can I do in Revolgy Marketplace

Dashboard page

It is main  overall visualisation of your cloud spending.  

    1. You can add or remove KPI cards
    2. You can change graph types
    3. You can change date range and currency
    4. You can filter services to be displayed
    5. So far, it is not possible to divide graphs by billing ID (if you have more billing ID under account)
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Reports page

Here you can find really detailed information about your cloud spending.

  1. We are able to add Google, AWS, Azure.
  2. You can change the date range (this/last month, this/last quarter, this/last year, custom)
  3. You can change the currency (now available CZK, EUR, USD) -> see how currency is working
  4. You can save report - you can find your saved reports under default Billing reports on Reports landing page
  5. Options
    1. You can export a prepared report to CSV
    2. You can update report filters -> you can filter by different option
    3. You can manage report columns -> which columns will be included in your report
    4. You can manage report grouping -> you can group reports by different logic to see desired report
    5. You can manage tags -> tags are labels you added into your projects to better identify which service cost you how much.
      1. To add tag into the report you have to bring it from left window to right window and update report
      2. Then you can e.g. group report by this tags. To do that you choose manage report grouping options and choose from left window the desired tag and bring it to left window. Then you move it using up arrow to the desired position and update report.
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How to change the password


You can change the password from your profile icon in the upper right corner.


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How to invite your colleagues

    1. Write an email to tom@revolgy.com with contact details of new user
    2. Send the link marketplace.revolgy.com to your colleague and ask him to sign up. After approving the account, we will send credentials to the new user.
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How Revolgy Marketplace operates


How currency works

We have to think about three source of currency that are in our pipeline. Google invoice, Revolgy Marketplace capability and Invoices generated for you.

    1. Revolgy Marketplace capability. Default currency is USD and we can just specify exchange rate from USD to a different currency. So rates such as CZK to EUR its not easily possible to set up.
    2. Google invoice exchange rate. Google generates source data in EUR for us. In order to have the same exchange rate between USD and EUR in Revolgy Marketplace as Google, we are using exchange rate from EUR to USD published in Google BigQuery.
    3. Revolgy Invoicing. Revolgy uses invoicing in EUR or CZK. The exchange rate from EUR to CZK is set up according to ČNB (Czech National Bank) exchange rate on the last day of the month. To be able to generate the same spending from Google invoice and Revolgy Marketplace we have to use exchange rate  USD->CZK based on our knowledge of the exchange rate from Google invoice (BigQuery) (EUR->USD) and ČNB exchange rate (EUR->USD). Using this approach we are able to keep the same prices in Google invoice, Revolgy invoices and Marketplace spending. 


How will we update the exchange rate?

Because the exchange rate used for invoice generating varies every month, we update exchange rates used in Revolgy Marketplace regularly.

What to consider while comparing reports with invoices?

Bare in mind that exchange rate will reflect the last month invoiced. Revolgy Marketplace will change exchange rates each month with implication into entire invoice history. Therefore, you will not be able to compare historical invoices with historical months in Revolgy Marketplace.


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Does the price include tax?

No, prices in reports do not include any taxes. Reports show a clear overview of cloud services spending. 

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Can I add more currencies?

Revolgy Marketplace offers all the main global currencies. Bear in mind that we are only able to use USD->X exchange rate. If you need to report in different currency, please leave us a note at tom@revolgy.com

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Can I see my invoices in Marketplace?

The platform is getting ready for this feature. We are working on it and would love to roll it out during Q1 2019.

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