on-premises OpenShift to Google Cloud

11th November 2021, 9:30 am CET (Prague time)

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How to migrate on-premises OpenShift to Google Cloud


We would like to invite you to our live webinar with Google Cloud Partner Engineer where we will explain possible migration scenarios for moving existing OpenShift to Google Cloud. We will also talk about some other ways how to run containers in Google Cloud -  like GKE and Anthos. 

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn the best practices from Google Cloud Engineer and gain knowledge from behind the scenes of our Customer Engineering team. Watch the teaser:


OpenShift, GKE, Anthos

Jiří Kolář and Nicolae Ciobanu will share with you real life use cases how to successfully and smoothly jump from on-premises OpenShift to Google Cloud.

Nico Google

Nicolae Ciobanu

Partner Engineer,
Google Cloud

Jiří Kolář

Jiří Kolář

Customer Engineering Lead,

At our tech talk, we’ll talk about:

  • OpenShift, GCP and GKE, Anthos
  • Possible customer scenarios - Self-managed or Managed Openshift on GCP, OpenShift to GKE, Anthos
  • OpenShift 4 provisioning
  • Build process
  • Internal Kubernetes know-how
  • Ease of Managed service
  • Revolgy approach and process for our decision making
  • Technical and business insights from Nicolae Ciobanu, Partner Engineer at Google Cloud