Free DICE Conference Adventure

Desert Drive & Dine

February 15th, 8AM



Secure your 🚗 !

Adventurous ride through Nevada with a dinner!

🚙🌵 Join us for "Desert Drive & Dine: A DICE Conference Adventure"! 🍳🌞

Escape the conference room for a thrilling jeep tour in the Nevada desert and a delightful brunch at a local diner. 

Thursday 15. 2. 2024
  • From: Aria Resort Casino, pickup at 8:00
  • To: Aria Resort Casino, return at 10:30
Desert dinner - revolgy event las vegas dice

Who will be cooking and driving?

Join the Revolgy and Remāngu team on a mission to get the most out of DICE event!

Jan Sechovec yellow

Jan Sechovec

Head Chef & CTO at

jame turner revolgy white background

James Turner

Chauffeur & Account Executive at

Wyatt Suppe

Wyatt Suppe

Sommelier & Account Executive at