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Gemini for Workspace: Prompting guide 101

A handbook for writing effective prompts for Gen AI

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This guide teaches you to write clear instructions for Gemini, your AI assistant in Google Workspace. Learn the basics of prompting, see how Gemini helps different roles, and get real-world examples to use Gemini for everyday tasks.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • The fundamentals of prompting: Master the art of crafting clear and concise instructions that tell Gemini exactly what you need. Learn key principles like using natural language and providing relevant context.
  • Role-specific strategies: Discover best practices for using Gemini in different roles. From project managers who can automate tasks to marketing specialists who can generate creative content, the handbook offers targeted tips to maximize Gemini’s effectiveness for your specific job.
  • Real-world examples in action: See how effective prompts translate to everyday tasks. The handbook showcases practical scenarios where you can leverage Gemini to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and achieve more in less time.

Work smarter, not harder, with Gemini for Workspace.