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G Suite Implementation at One of the Biggest Retailer in Slovenia with More than 150 Branches

About the Client:

TUŠ is one of the biggest retailer in Slovenia. It is a family owned firm with more than 3000 employees and 150 branches across the country. The company is seen as highly responsible socially and has gained many awards for outstanding entrepreneurship and emphasis on ecology. They register more than 3 000 000 purchases a month and the number is continuously growing. The top management is constantly searching for new business opportunities and ways to compete with huge international chains.


What Was Our Starting Point?

In the light of digital development the client was searching for ways of modernising their IT infrastructure which connects all the branches and employees across large territory. Only one third of all employees had access to eMail and it was necessary to change it. The versatile demographic structure of their employees required that the delivery of transition to G Suite office is easy to grasp and amenable to end-users across different age groups.

What Was the Task?

There were actually two: implementation of G Suite and comprehensible training of staff. First of all, we transferred a large amount of accounts, some of them shared by many users, in the headquarters in Celje and then then in the remaining branches. We worked remotely to save the client’s time and travel expenses. A devoted team of project managers on the client’s side were thoroughly trained by our team of trainers, and later pioneered the use of G Suite in Slovenia. Having in-house employees equipped with the necessary know-how has enabled the company to use their time and financial resources more effectively with regards to training their staff in their mother tongue.


What Does the Client Say?

“Migration to G Suite with help of Revolgy (previously Netmail) was done professionally and within expected time-frame. We had experts on hand to help with every aspect of the project when needed. For me as an IT professional the “Change management” part was a very positive surprise. I can say that we haven't seen such effective change management with any IT related project in our past. However, the best part was the “aftermath” of the project. Most of our co-workers really understood the essence of the new technology. They are able to create simple G Suite Drive based processes by themselves. Some of them are already using App Script to enhance experience.”

Adam Flis, CIO

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