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On-demand compute power for rendering video

You know the saying, the shoemaker's children go barefoot? That’s exactly how this post topic came by. I was preparing some graphics visualization for a new webinar and as I was ...
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From being noobs to having no Ops. How to use GCP to deal with backend challenges of gaming business

The world of mobile online gaming is a really competitive environment. Being in the gaming business comes with a lot of day to day challenges. Handling large number of requests, ...
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Štěpán's top picks from Google Cloud NEXT '19

It's been a busy few days here in San Francisco. The Moscone Center is buzzing with people. I am really enjoying meeting other Cloud enthusiasts and exchanging experiences and ...
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GCP Stackdriver Logging export to bucket and extract textPayload from json with Cloud Functions

Stackdriver Logging can get expensive. Sometimes you don’t need to query/store all your application logs in Stackdriver, especially dev logs. Or maybe you simply don’t like ...
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