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Customising Virtual Machines in AWS, GCP and MS Azure

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the public cloud such as GCP or AWS is its speed. Instant access to an environment from anywhere in the world, fast setup, prebuilt ...
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How will google maps api updates affect your businesses

Google Maps Platform is finally here! We're talking about revolutionary change in the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan. What are the new exciting features and how will they help your ...
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Is "the CLOUD" actually in the EU and is it GDPR COMPLIANT?

You have probably heard that the Cloud is the newest, coolest and safest alternative for storing your data. What about the safety of it? Where exactly does your data go when you ...
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Accomplish more with new Gmail

Get Smarter, More Secure and More Efficient Inbox New technology allows for faster and better communication. But as teams become more connected, it can be easier to experience ...
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