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How will google maps api updates affect your businesses

Google Maps Platform is finally here! We're talking about revolutionary change in the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan. What are the new exciting features and how will they help your ...
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Autoscale nginx and php-fpm independently on Google Kubernetes Engine

Let’s say I have a stateless php app that needs to run 24/7 and automatically scale up to perform well and scale down to be cost-effective. Perfect use case for Kubernetes, right? ...
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Building Quality Relationships with Clients And within the Company with G Suite

Building long lasting, close relationship with your clients and quickly reacting to their needs is the key to leading a successful business.
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Google container builder for Easy and Quick CD Pipeline

I love Google Cloud Platform. I love Google Kubernetes Engine. And I love GitHub as well. But I need a quick CD pipeline for an easy automated app deployment.  I have an easy ...
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Kubernetes in production — Pod Disruption Budget

How to manage disruptions in Kubernetes? Setting a proper RollingUpdate strategy specs solves only one type of disruption. What about other disruptions? Voluntary and Involuntary ...
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Kubernetes in production —snapshotting cluster state

Are you the lucky one and your Kubernetes workload is 100% stateless? What about the cluster’s state though? What if you accidentally deleted the whole k8s cluster or a namespace? ...
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