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Empower employees and support employee initiative with G Suite

IT is all about people. Often we tend to forget that all the IT tools, applications and programmes are here because of people and for people: clients, shareholders, management and ...
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Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare Workers let you run JavaScript in Cloudflare’s 120+ edge locations around the world. Using a Worker, you can modify your site’s HTTP requests and responses, make ...
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EKS quickstart

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale containerised applications using Kubernetes on AWS. Amazon EKS runs the ...
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Istio: Multi-Cluster Federation and Hybrid Cloud

Your business is successful and you need to go global. How do you scale your app across multiple regions? How do you handle deployments to multiple clusters? How do you provide ...
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Istio service mesh on Kubernetes

Over the past year, the service mesh has emerged as a critical component of the cloud native stack. Companies such as Paypal, Ticketmaster and Monzo all function fully ...
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Customising Virtual Machines in AWS, GCP and MS Azure

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the public cloud such as GCP or AWS is its speed. Instant access to an environment from anywhere in the world, fast setup, prebuilt ...
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