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DevOps and SREs are the new Linux Admins. But what the heck does this mean?

You have probably heard these buzzwords already. With the current boom in cloud computing, the “Linux admins” are going out of fashion and “DevOps Engineers” and “SRE specialists” ...
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All you need to know before you try out Kubernetes - containers explained

A lot of companies nowadays use Kubernetes for orchestrating their containers. I thought it would be interesting to talk about the benefits of containerisation - ie. before you ...
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From being noobs to having no Ops. How to use GCP to deal with backend challenges of gaming business

The world of mobile online gaming is a really competitive environment. Being in the gaming business comes with a lot of day to day challenges. Handling large number of requests, ...
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cloud storages II: Block Storage vs. Object Storage. What are the advantages and disadvantages for you?

Flexible and scalable data storage is a basic requirement for most application-based businesses and services nowadays. With today's complexity of deployments, containers, and ...
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Debugging kube-dns and using FQDNs

Last week one of our clients started getting a lot of application errors after they migrated their main service to Google Kubernetes Engine. Quickly they found kube-dns is logging ...
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There are certain use cases where scaling horizontally based on cpu usage does not really work well. Let’s say you have a consumer worker pool running in Kubernetes. The consumers ...
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