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LetsEncrypt Tomcat on Windows

This article describes the creation and setup of a certificate for HTTPS on a Tomcat server running on Windows. Its purpose isn't to present every possible option, but the ...
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The question is: Does GDPR require you to have your data stored exclusively on premises within the EU? To give you the full answer let's start from the basics terminology.
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Scaling in Google Kubernetes Engine

One of the main advantages of hosting application in the cloud is definitely the ability to scale resources in reaction to growing traffic or predictable traffic peaks that can be ...
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CI/CD Pipelines - checklist

Continuous integration Continuous integration (CI) is the process of automatically building and testing your software on a regular basis. How regularly this occurs varies. In the ...
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Empower employees and support employee initiative with G Suite

IT is all about people. Often we tend to forget that all the IT tools, applications and programmes are here because of people and for people: clients, shareholders, management and ...
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Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare Workers let you run JavaScript in Cloudflare’s 120+ edge locations around the world. Using a Worker, you can modify your site’s HTTP requests and responses, make ...
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