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5 Reasons why working with a Cloud Partner is a good idea

Scalability. One of the most important business targets and essential requirement of modern e-commerce. Scaling the SaaS / IaaS business up through the partnership network is one ...
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Who is the real owner of your company's documents?

All data created by users of your G Suite are an exclusive property of your company (see G Suite Terms). The challenge is to make your users keep the data in your G Suite instance ...
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Have you heard of CaaS? It's time to try it out!

Fargate service got massively cheaper. This January AWS has significantly lowered the price of Fargate service hoping to make it accessible to more users. The price is dependant ...
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Kubernetes for Business in a Nutshell

Kubernetes. Sometimes my colleagues and I make fun of the fact that just proclaiming the word can trigger a storm of applause at any tech conference.  I am deliberately ...
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LetsEncrypt Tomcat on Windows

This article describes the creation and setup of a certificate for HTTPS on a Tomcat server running on Windows. Its purpose isn't to present every possible option, but the ...
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The question is: Does GDPR require you to have your data stored exclusively on premises within the EU? To give you the full answer let's start from the basics terminology.
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