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The cloud or on-premises? How Czech companies approach their IT infrastructure

In 2019 we asked our clients and other Czech companies whether and how they use cloud solutions. Do companies still perceive the cloud as a threat, or is cloud security an asset ...
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All you need to know before deploying a managed monitoring solution

We've recently got a chance to try out a SaaS monitoring solution called SignalFx. We really enjoyed working with it and thought it is worth sharing our experience. Let's have a ...
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Google Container Registry lifecycle policy for images retention

Is your Google Container Registry filling up, taking up storage and becoming expensive? How to handle images retention as a service?
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Everything is more important than IT infrastructure. Or is it?

When you start a new business, almost everything seems to be more important than the IT infrastructure that your product will run on. It's the least of the new CEO's concerns. “We ...
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On-demand compute power for rendering video

You know the saying, the shoemaker's children go barefoot? That’s exactly how this post topic came by. I was preparing some graphics visualization for a new webinar and as I was ...
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Hey, Start-ups, The Cloud Is Your Future

We keep hearing that computing is moving to the Cloud. Moreover, the Cloud should supposedly be the first choice of small and medium businesses, including start-ups. Why so? Here ...
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